Different Garden Designs

Are you in search of the best garden design for your space? Then, I would say it’s no mistake you’re here.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through some stunning garden designs and ideas we’ve gathered to meet your perfect garden need.

From urban gardening to small gardening designs, stretching to Zen garden styles, we believe that these garden selections will be just perfect for your space.

Alright, let’s explore them!

  1. Small Gardening Design Ideas

We are aware that making the most out of a very confined space can be quite tedious. But there are still some excellent garden designs that will fit such space perfectly. How about this example using wooden chairs and benches?

  1. Gardening Designs for Small Gardens

Always try to explore. It’s never a bad idea of turning that modest space into a beauty everyone would love to behold. Fact is, garden designs are what you want them to be.

Here is a beautiful design of a small garden, filling up the confined space elegantly.

Not bad right?

  1. Backyard Garden Design

This design features pinky flowers hanging round arch and bricks round your backward to create a wonderful look.

Aside from pinky flowers, you can also be creative with different colors to add a sense of style to your backyard.

  1. Garden Design using Timber Deck

Small garden designs are fantastic. There doesn’t just give room for relaxation but are also quite entertaining.

If you’ve decided to go with this garden design, all required are timber flooring and flowers.

You’ll give your guest excellent relaxation spots filled with beautiful flowers aurora.

  1. Rectangular Garden Designs with Water Features

When it comes to creating a beautiful garden for your home, especially in the backyard, you have to think of it has an empty canvas.

The shape doesn’t matter. It only makes you more creative as you make it extraordinary with greenery, water features alongside outdoor features.

When using this garden design, you also have to provide a bridge that leads from the pond down to the relaxation spot.

  1. Oriental Urban Gardening Designs

 It is a garden design that brings a bit of everything down to your home. The oriental urban style is relaxing, playful and entertaining.

You would be adding an oriental feel to your home or outdoor space using this garden design.

  1. Indoor Outdoor Garden Designs and Layouts

How about a combination of an indoor and outdoor gardening style using elegant shelve units? It’s a beautiful design that features trimmed plants at strategy location and shelves close to greenery walls.

It’s like having a modern living garden room as open as the one displayed below.

  1. All Green Garden Designs

Do you love the color green? If so, this garden design allows you to turn your vibrant color into a beautiful garden design.

You will create a better environment and a healthy lifestyle with nature all around you.

  1. Rooftop Urban Gardening Design

It is a kind of garden you create on your rooftop, featuring all sort of colourful flowers on your terrace or rooftop.

Wooden furniture is a perfect blend with this garden design, giving you an excellent view.

  1. Small City Garden Idea

This kind of garden design adds a cute and rusty feel to your garden design. It’s the perfect garden for a small family, featuring a wooden relaxation spot with a beautiful flower arrangement.

  1. Stone Edging Garden Design

You create this garden design by placing rocks around your walkway with natural flowers that add a striking look to your environment.

It is a basic garden design that even newbies can try out with little or no hurdles, tagging that it is also inexpensive.

  1. Modern Garden Design

This kind of garden design brings a blend of something sophisticated but yet simple into your home at the same time.

Here you make use of beautiful garden lights with different strategic relaxation stuff and amazing flowers.

  1. Dish Gardening Designs

This kind of garden design brings a blend of something sophisticated but yet simple into your home at the same time.

Here you make use of beautiful garden lights with different strategic relaxation stuff and amazing flowers.

  1. Timber Garden beds Landscaping Design Inspo

If you want a garden different from that of your next-door neighbour, then it’s an excellent idea you have a garden like this one.

Unlike most garden design, this one doesn’t require lots of flowers or having chairs and furniture around the place.

You simply place all kind of beautiful flowers on a timber bed that blends perfectly with the carpet grass on the floor.

  1. Flower Garden Designs

You must have come across or seen this kind of garden design if you’re a big fan of movies.

It’s a kind of garden design where you use various varieties of flowers to make shapes.

In our example below, you can see that the low hedges create a stunning green frame around different flower beds.


Creating your dream garden design is something that requires dedication, time and a whole lot of passion and love. If you feel like there is a lot to do in your garden, visit the best gardening London company by clicking on the link above.

Whether you’re aiming to create a sophisticated garden design or something mind-blowing but straightforward, we believe that the different garden design we’ve highlighted will perfectly suit your style.